My First Day on YouToBe

      My name is peter who struggle two months to find a new job. The last ten days I found this promoting App download job which required to use VPN. Then I began to see YouToBe, WOW! You are not gonna believe me what i will say, just don’t laugh at me! The first show i saw was the Daily Show hosted by Trevor. You know what , i thought i just found the new continent! the new world which i will never see in China( by the way i love China and you should love your country too). the video was so funny, covfefe! thanks for the joy. The most of all, you guys just make fun of your president of the USA at your wish and none stop!

 This is something that never never never happen in China. In old days, I saw obama video in the white house press meeting. Stunned and amused by his humor and smile great smile! In the West, you guys really enjoy the freedom of speech. Sometimes i wish i know more about our president. if you have the chance come to China,  just don’t make fun of my president, that will be a big disrespect. For some reason, we think that seriously damage our country image. we love “面子” which literally mean we love our face very much. I saw the word global citizen so many times, and i really enjoy the diversity Culture of the world, and i hope the peace of the world.

Don’t affect by the stereotype threat of  the old China, now China is more beautiful than before. If i have the chance i will visit for the USA. I don’t travel too much, currently i live in Chengdu. i did a long time job as a reception in Youth hotel, so if you need the tips for Chengdu, i will be pleasure to offer you some good advise. My e-mail feel free to contact me and to discuss about culture for generating new ideas.

      Now, it’s happy hour for a little AD. if any one who is interest in a date can download the app. Thanks a lot! The APP address:





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